The Marching Roundtable Judges Academy is an online, self-directed course of assessment education. Master judge Dr. Joe Allison and Tim Hinton of the Marching Roundtable have created coursework providing basic and advanced training for judges at all levels of experience in the pageantry activities. The intended participants are band directors, their administrators, designers, instructors, support groups and those interested in becoming judges.  The Judges Academy provides basic and advanced training for judges at all levels of experience in the pageantry activities. The curriculum is beneficial to anyone involved in any role in the activity: judges, instructors, spectators, educational administrators, and performers!

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Information is freely available to ALL to help and inspire directors, designers, instructors, judges, parents, and fans. The Marching Roundtable has the great honor of talking with many of the top experts in our activity, and we’ve shared their advice and secrets on our podcasts.  Our goal is to help everyone achieve greater excellence and to have a more meaningful experience in their marching musical endeavors.  We talk about everything in the world of marching band, drum corps, winter guard, or indoor percussion.  Find our Podcast Archives HERE.

This site also features RESOURCES to help the band director, staff member, creative designer, band parent, support staff, or member of any organization. 

Fred J. Miller Inc. (FJM) has over 55 years of experience in all phases of pageantry, during which it has developed an unparalleled reputation within the industry.  FJM is a family owned business and each family member is involved in all aspects of the pageantry activity. FJM Inc. brings to you the customized service and knowledge of the industry to make your performers look their absolute best.  Michael Cesario designs exclusively for FJM to bring each client the most current and up-to-date band uniform design in the industry.  Learn more at

JR Seals Concepts provides program, drill, and costume design service for marching bands who desire a product tailored to their specific needs.  His approach to design is no nonsense and has won countless awards and accolades. In addition to his design services, JR has teamed with Benjamin Easley and Ryan Wilkerson to offer a complete  package covering everything from music to flags. Check out the complete offerings at

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